Customer Experience


We make customers happy every step of the way!


🌈  Make someone's day, everyday

A customer's feeling down or just accomplished something great? Treat them! CX is provided with a "wow" budget to commit random acts of kindness to always make our customers feel extra special.

🚀 Go above & beyond

WOW our customers with our services by making sure they leave every conversation satisfied. Every interaction should be a positive experience for our customers.

🎯  Taking initiative

You'll be empowered to make decisions, sometimes tough ones, to continuously deliver an amazing customer experience.

🎤  Communication

Communication is key when it comes to dealing with different teams to resolve customers' issues. Never hesitate to ask for help when needed

 🤗 Empathy

Always put yourself in other people's shoes and ensure everyone (teammates and customers alike) are heard and supported.

⭐️  Always growing

Everything and everyone can become better. This mindset is what makes us stand apart.





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What’s your favorite customer experience story?

"When it comes to the work we do, I would have to say my favorite story is the one where one of our customers was going through a rough patch which extremely saddened us all and we felt like we needed to help. We consider all our customers a part of the Calo family, so we arranged with the production team to give us all of the extra meals and snacks they had that day. My teammates, Bush and Mahdi, delivered it in person to their house that day! I wanted to go with them but someone had to stay behind and reply to the rest of the Calo family. Having the power to help our customers without any limitations is the most rewarding feeling in the world. 💚"

Fares Noor

CX Team Lead
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What is the best part about working at Calo?

“It's important to me that our customers feel comfortable enough to approach us regardless of how big or small the problem is. No one should ever leave our chat sad! Hearing the joy in the customers' voices is honestly the best reward. I love our customers, I love making them happy, and I never want to miss an opportunity to make them happy !✨  

Bushra Alajmi

CX Team Lead
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What is the most exciting part of your job?

"I've been working as a customer experience specialist for around 6 years now, but I never felt like I was doing it right until I joined Calo; here, I have the power to go above and beyond to make every customer happy, which is the most exciting part of my job  💚"  

Mohammed Khamis

CX Team Lead


What’s your favorite customer experience story?

“There are so many to be honest, my personal fav has to be the Marayem story. she is a customer who’s house got burnt down in a fire, we all felt sad about this and we had to do something to help her. In a way she is part of the Calo family, so we arranged the kitchen to gives us all of the extra meals and snacks. Bush and Mahdi delivered it themselves too! I wanted to go with them but Someone had to stay behind and reply to the rest of the Calo fam. 😭💚”

Mahmood Zeyad
Head of CX

What is the best part about working at Calo?

“The energy and Chemistry is always 💯 from my team and I can't go a day without them, too attached. 💚”

Fares Noor
CX Specialist

Interview process

This process is our usual, but it's not always fixed and it might change from candidate to candidate.

A quick, get to know you call
A quick call with the P&C team to ask you a few questions about yourself. Feel free to ask us any questions you have regarding the position and Calo as a whole!
1. Be on time.
2. Come informed. It would help if you read about Calo, and familiarise yourself with everything we do.
Technical interview
1) A call with some of our CX team members where your technical skills are assessed to ensure that you'd be able to kill it on the job.

2) A technical task.

Check out our new interview guide →

Culture fit interview
This is where we get personal, and ask you in depth questions about your story, your life experiences, and your value system.
If you passed all the previous stages, then that’s it - you made the cut! 🚀
🕓  This entire process would typically take between 7 to 14 days.

The Great Wall

A little glimpse of Calo’s everyday customer experience interactions.

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Sunset at the beachVolcano view from top of hillNew break light for Porsche. Full single line from left to right below the rear window


When can I expect to hear an answer about my application?
I can't find a specific opening that fits me at Calo, but I want to work with you, how?
I was not shortlisted for a role at Calo, can I get feedback on why?
Do you offer internships?
Can I do my university graduation project with you?
What's the interview process like at Calo?

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