Software Engineering


Building scalable solutions that make a  difference in our users' lives.


⌨️  A sustainable tech stack

Our tech stack and tools are built with sustainability and scalability in mind, a lot of the work we do goes to ensure we build with minimal technical debt.

🤝  Squads within teams

Our environment is very collaborative with other teams, where we formulate cross-functional squads and collaborate with members from our product and growth teams to ensure synergy on our different products.

⚡   Agile environment

We work in an agile environment and run on a sprint basis, where we collaborate and outline the most important tickets for us to handle based on product feedback.

📖  Knowledge sharing

We’re building an environment that celebrates knowledge sharing and mentorship. We love to learn from one another by discussing the problems that we face and sharing different solutions and feedback on how to improve our code and maintain a sustainable architecture.

Tools we use



React Native

























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What’s the best part about working at Calo?

The best part of working with Calo is the ability to use the latest cloud technologies that I always dreamt of working with and collaborating with people I consider friends, not just colleagues. I’m always intrigued by the new challenges Calo stumbles upon and how tech is used as a solution and contributor to growth. I also love my ability to collaborate with other departments; sharing our knowledge assists us in creating software models that tackle our challenges, adding tremendous value to our products. Honestly, I wish we had more hours in the day to experiment with new techniques! 🚀

Qasim Albaqali

Senior Software Engineer,
Joined Calo in 2021.
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What is the most exciting part of your job?

Creating features and observing how the code enhances the product is one of the most exciting parts of my job. I don't mind staying up all night just to see how people react to the new features. Also, having a supportive team that's hungry for growth and doesn't shy away from learning makes all our hard work all the more worthwhile. 💯

Hammam Besaiso

Software Engineer,
Joined Calo in 2020.

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What’s the best part about working at Calo?

The best part of working at Calo is the overall family environment vibe and constantly getting to meet new Caloers, especially our teammates that are working remotely.  I have always been a solo wolf but one of the most important life lessons I learned when I joined, is to always collaborate with others to boost creativity and achieve the best results.

When It comes to my day-to-day, the most exciting part of my job is directly delivering the best app experience to our customers and celebrating with an intense table tennis match with the team to celebrate new releases. 🚀

Abdulmalick Dimnang

Software Engineer,
Joined Calo in 2021.


What’s your favorite customer experience story?

“There are so many to be honest, my personal fav has to be the Marayem story. she is a customer who’s house got burnt down in a fire, we all felt sad about this and we had to do something to help her. In a way she is part of the Calo family, so we arranged the kitchen to gives us all of the extra meals and snacks. Bush and Mahdi delivered it themselves too! I wanted to go with them but Someone had to stay behind and reply to the rest of the Calo fam. 😭💚”

Mahmood Zeyad
Head of CX

What is the best part about working at Calo?

“The energy and Chemistry is always 💯 from my team and I can't go a day without them, too attached. 💚”

Fares Noor
CX Specialist

Interview process

This process is our usual flow, but it's not always fixed and it might change from candidate to candidate.

A quick, get to know you call
A quick call with the People & Culture team to ask you a few questions about yourself. Feel free to ask us any questions you have regarding the position and Calo as a whole!
1. Be on time.
2. Come informed. It would help if you read about Calo, and familiarize yourself with everything we do.
3. Check out our interview guide →

Technical interview & task
A call with a member of the Engineering team where your technical skills are assessed to ensure that you'd be able to kill it on the job, followed by a technical task you’d need to submit after the interview.

Culture fit interview
This is where we get personal, and ask you in depth questions about your story, your life experiences, and your value system.
If you passed all the previous stages, then that’s it - you made the cut! 🚀
🕓  This entire process would typically take between 7 to 14 days.


When can I expect to hear an answer about my application?
I can't find a specific opening that fits me at Calo, but I want to work with you, how?
I was not shortlisted for a role at Calo, can I get feedback on why?
Do you offer internships?
Can I do my university graduation project with you?
What's the interview process like at Calo?

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